Denso Project Case Studies

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Petrolatum Tape Systems

Cooling Tower Protection Tank Protection
Water Pipeline & Valves Protection Municipal Castings Protection
Valve and Meter Protection Suspended Pipeline Protection
Buried Pipe & Fitting Protection Concrete Pipe Protection
Oil Pipeline Protection Pile Protection
Concrete Pipe Protection Interface Coating
Sensor Corrosion Protection Structural Steel Protection

Protal Liquid Coatings

SeaShield Marine Systems

Steel Pile Protection Bridge Pile Protection Concrete Pile Protection
Jetty Pile Protection Marine Terminal Protection Steel Sheet Pile Protection
Pile Rehabilitation Timber Pile Protection Port Pile Protection
Harbor Pile Rehabilitation    

Bitumen & Butyl Tapes

Gas Pipeline Protection    

Tank Linings / Coatings

Sealing and Molding Products


Rebar Rod Protection Bridge Protection

Road Protection