Archco 320 Primer

An inorganic zinc rich primer.


  • Bridges
  • Shop or field application
  • Refineries, pipelines and tanks
  • Drilling rigs
  • As a permanent primer for severe corrosive environments (pH 5-9)
  • Ideal for low-temperature application or high service temperatures and/or high humidity conditions

A solvent-based, two-component, inorganic ethyl silicate, zinc-rich coating. A fast-drying, high-solids, low VOC coating with 76% by weight of zinc dust in the dry film.

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  • Coating self-heals to resume protection if damaged
  • Provides cathodic/sacrificial protection like galvanizing
  • Forms an inorganic barrier to moisture and solvents
  • High-temperature water resistance
  • Meets Class B requirements for slip coefficient
  • Resists a wide range of chemicals, produced water, and seawater

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