Archco 490 Epoxy

A multi-service, multi-temperature inorganic copolymer epoxy coating.

Archco 490 is designed as a corrosion resistant lining for operation between -321°F (-196°C) to +1202°F (+650°C). Suitable for protecting above ground piping and equipment for cryogenic and high temperature service. Suitable for use on surfaces either uninsulated or under thermal insulation.

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  • Low viscosity allows for superb penetration and adhesion to properly prepared surfaces
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Ambient cure
  • Wide range of operation temperatures between -321°F (-196°C) to +1202°F (+650°C)
  • Suitable for use for under insulation applications
  • May be applied to carbon steel, stainless steel and inorganic zinc

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