Winn & Coales International Ltd., leading manufacturer and supplier of corrosion prevention, waterproofing and sealing products, are celebrating their 140th Anniversary.

First established as an import/export house in London in 1883, the company has earned an enviable reputation for supplying high-quality, effective, long-term solutions for its customers’ problems. It’s well-known brands such as Denso™, Premier™, Archco™, Protal™, Premier Shrink Sleeves™, Steelcoat™, SeaShield™ and Sylglas™ provide effective protection for buried, submerged, or exposed steel and concrete pipes, tanks, and structures. A vast number of industries benefit from the tailor-made solutions Winn & Coales provide, with the company demonstrating a clear commitment to continual improvement of its product offering through innovative research and development, and product acquisitions – a notable example of which being Viscotaq™ visco-elastic coatings in 2021.

Today, Winn & Coales International Ltd. comprises seven subsidiary companies – two in the UK, and one each in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand – with multiple regional offices, and a network of global agents and distributors. The shared knowledge and experience across the group of companies ensures its extensive range of corrosion and chemical-resistant coatings and linings are available almost anywhere in the world.

Winn & Coales International Group Chairman, Chris Winn says, “It is with great pride that we celebrate this remarkable milestone for the company. As we reflect on the last 140 years, we also look forward to the future with tremendous excitement as our continued program of investment and growth brings new technologies to our customers.”

Simpson Strong-Tie FX-70® is Now SeaShield FX-70®

Denso USA, a subsidiary of Winn & Coales International, has recently acquired the FX-70® Structural Piling Repair and Protection System from Simpson Strong-Tie. With Denso’s established SeaShield Systems providing over 50 years of pile protection and rehabilitation systems for timber, steel, concrete piles, and marine structures; adding the FX-70® system to Denso’s SeaShield line was a valuable opportunity to offer clients a one-stop pile protection provider.

Since its debut in 1970, the FX-70® system was the first to use a custom-made tongue-and-groove seamed fiberglass jacket with a high-strength, water resistant repair grout. The system has extensive case histories for timber, steel and concrete pile applications and is an excellent addition to our line of products.

To learn more about SeaShield FX-70® System, contact your Denso representative for all your pile protection and rehabilitation needs by calling us at 1-281-821-3355, e-mailing us at or simply visiting our website at

Denso is a leader in corrosion protection and has been providing long-term corrosion protection solutions and products since 1929.


Denso Canada is Growing in Western Canada

Denso North America Inc. has just opened their second location in Canada, which is a 12,000 square foot facility in Edmonton, Alberta to better serve our clients in the Western Provinces.

It is conveniently located at 9307-28 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T6N 1N1.  The contact phone number is 780-851-6995 for those customers serviced in that area.

The facility consists of both office and warehouse space with a broad range of inventory of petrolatum tapes, SeaShield marine systems, sealing mastics, road products, liquid coatings and the new Viscotaq self-healing coating.  It also has a state-of-art training facility for certification on our products for those professionals who provide corrosion prevention services.

Feel free to contact us either in our Toronto office or our brand-new facility in Edmonton.

Winn & Coales International Aquires the Global Viscotaq™ Business, Including Amcorr Products and Services, Inc.

Winn & Coales International Ltd (‘Winn & Coales’), leading manufacturer of corrosion prevention and sealing products announce today, the acquisition of the global Viscotaq™ business, including Amcorr Products and Services Inc (‘Amcorr’), manufacturer of visco-elastic protective coatings.

Amcorr Products & Services Inc, based in San Antonio, USA are the formulators and manufacturers of visco-elastic protective coating technology, Viscotaq™. The patented Viscotaq™ product range is used for corrosion prevention and sealing applications on vital infrastructure across a broad range of sectors. The unique, self-healing technology of Viscotaq™ offers asset owners outstanding, long-term protection against corrosion.

Amcorr was originally established in June 2000 in San Antonio, USA and thereafter rapidly became the North American market leader of visco-elastic coatings and sealants in the corrosion industry.

Edwin Welles, President of Amcorr and co-inventor of the Viscotaq™ technology commented, “We feel honored being part of the Winn & Coales family now. A similar business culture, with a privately-owned structure and a technology driven mentality was a natural fit for us. The acquisition will give Amcorr the opportunity to grow rapidly, both nationally and internationally and above all, guarantee dedicated service and supply to existing and future clients across the globe. I personally feel privileged to make the next step in my career at Winn & Coales, a leader in our industry with an outstanding reputation.”

For more than 90 years, the Winn & Coales International Group of companies has been creating bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions that provide enduring protection against corrosion and chemical attack to buried and exposed pipes, valves, fittings, steelwork, marine structures, tanks and concrete bunded areas. The acquisition of Amcorr is aligned with the Company’s focus on investing in and providing the highest quality corrosion prevention solutions for their customers.

Chairman of Winn & Coales International, Mr. Chris Winn commented, “The acquisition of Amcorr is particularly exciting for the Company, as the Viscotaq™ product line enhances and complements our existing range of coatings, which are already well established in the market. We are now able to offer all corrosion prevention technologies to our customers, and we look forward to building on our leading brands further with our new colleagues at Amcorr.”

After 138 years of trading, Winn & Coales International Ltd remains a privately-owned business. Through their seven subsidiary companies in the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand, together with their global network of distributors, they are able to provide tailor made solutions to challenging corrosion problems all over the world.

New Appointment at Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd

On the 1st of November 2020, the Board of Directors of Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd were delighted to announce that Mr James Winn, the great grandson of the founder of the company has been appointed to the Board.

James Winn has worked for the company for over 25 years and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the management team.

Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd has specialised in the manufacture and supply of corrosion prevention and sealing products for over 90 years. The well-known brand of Denso offers cost-effective and long-term solutions to corrosion on submerged or exposed steel or concrete, pipes, tanks and structures.

New Appointments at Winn & Coales International Ltd

It is with great pleasure, that the board of Directors of Winn & Coales International Limited announce that Mr Chris Winn, the great grandson of the founder Paul Winn will succeed his father, David Winn OBE, as the Chairman of the Group.

Chris Winn becomes the fourth Chairman of the Company since it was founded in 1883. He has extensive and broad experience within the Group and maintains the position of Managing Director of Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd and Executive Director of Winn & Coales International Ltd.

In addition, Dr Keith Erskine, the grandson of the second of the two company founders, Mr Frank B. Coales, will assume the role of Deputy Chairman of the Group. Dr Keith Erskine maintains the position of non-executive Director of Winn & Coales International Ltd.

These appointments are made with immediate effect.