Densoseal 16A

A self-supporting and non-setting mastic for sealing cable entries and ducts.

Densoseal 16A is a firm, fibrous mastic based on mineral fillers, organic fibres and water displacing materials. It is a non-setting, self-supporting mastic which may be applied to wet surfaces and will seal ducts and conduits against ingress of gas and water. Used for sealing cable ducts, conduits and service entry pipes or sleeves particularly below ground level to prevent the entry of gas, water and pests into buildings. It may also be used for profiling mechanical joints on hot pipes to allow application of tapes.

Densoseal 16A is packed into the ends of the duct by hand and molded firmly around cables and against the duct to ensure there are no gaps or fissures. The mastic should be packed to a depth of at least equal to the diameter of the duct. Surfaces should be free from loose rust, scale, dirt or previous sealants.

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  • Excellent molding and sealing properties
  • No VOCs
  • Adheres to glazed earthenware, steel and unplasticised materials such as lead, polythene or PVC
  • Seals against gases and water
  • Unaffected by natural gas and water
  • Accommodates movement
  • Adheres to wet surfaces
  • Withstands at least 2.9 PSI (20kPa) water pressure for a minimum of 30 minutes

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