Date of webinar: April 5, 2021

Eliminating Hidden Coating Damage in Horizontal Directional Drilling

This webcast will provide insight into the current methodologies for making horizontal directional drilling (HDD) anticorrosion systems last. Denso will provide an overview of the HDD process as well as the limitations that current solutions offer in preventing corrosion. The objective of this webcast is to educate and inform the pipeline industry of some key shortcomings and provide a workable solution long before there is a negative impact to the communities they service. This will be done by presenting the primary causes of damage and an evaluation of the failure mechanism. From this platform we can then explain methods of mitigation that will provide a safer operating pipeline with an improved service life.

In this WebCast:
  • Where is HDD typically utilized?
  • What are the main causes of damage to the anti-corrosion system on HDD installations?
  • Up until now, how has the industry addressed these issues?
  • How has Denso done the work to design for lasting corrosion protection?
  • What we can do together to make future projects better?
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