Archco 453HT Lining Protects Waste Water Tank From Corrosive H2S

Industrial Coatings & Linings

Project Data

LocationSouth Texas
Project TypeTank Lining
Products UsedArchco™ 400 / 453HT
Contractor or Applied ByBROCK

Project Details

On a recent tank project in South Texas at a major refinery, the 400/453HT was selected as the coating of choice for this tank application. The tank holds refinery process water that contains high levels of H2S.

The 400/453HT was selected because system has low water permeation and vapor transmission and the 453HT has excellent chemical resistance to H2S.

The application called for a NACE 2 / SSPC-SP10 near white metal blast with an anchor profile of 3 to 5 mils dft. The Archco 400 was applied at an average of 5 mils dft, with the Archco 453HT at 25 to 30 mils dft. The total system was 30 to 35 mils DFT. The tank was 100% holiday tested to insure that it was pin-hole free prior to putting back in service.