Shoreline Wall Support Rods Protected from Corrosion with Denso Products

Exposed Surface Coatings

Project Data

LocationToronto, Canada
Project TypeShoreline Wall Support Rods
Products UsedDenso Paste / Denso Petrolatum Tape
Contractor or Applied ByUCC Group Inc.

Project Details

As part of the preparation for Ontario’s first LEED® Gold certified neighborhood, this 1.1 billion dollar 2,000 acre development and revitalization of Toronto’s waterfront district at Queen’s Quay, has to undergo redesign and reconstruction. Part of this project involves the reconstruction of the shoreline wall that protects against erosion. The support rods, that go back hundreds of feet horizontally, are being redesigned to utilize diagonal anchor rods to allow the construction of deep-rooted high-rise buildings. During this construction phase, the rods are exposed, evaluated, repaired and then protected with a corrosion prevention system.

The Denso Petrolatum System was utilized to prevent corrosion and give peace of mind to the city. The shoreline wall rods were coated with Denso Paste by hand. This primer will displace moisture, arrest existing corrosion and aid in the adhesion of the Denso Petrolatum Tape, which was spirally wrapped with a 55% overlap around the rods. These rods, with the Denso Petrolatum Tape System, will also be encapsulated in conduits and then in concrete blocks that in turn will be buried and remain under the multi-million dollar landscaping and pathways that will intersect the lakefront.

The Denso Petrolatum System has been proven to be effective against corrosion in continued service for nearly a century and has also been found to be the most cost effective solution in preventing corrosion related failure. Denso North America is proud to be part of the development and protection of the infrastructure of Canada’s largest city. For more information or a demonstration, contact Denso North America.