Archco 453HT Provides Heat Resistant Coating to Hot Pipe Lines

Industrial Coatings & Linings

Project Data

LocationTupman, California
Project TypeHot Pipe Coating
Products UsedArchco™ 453HT
Contractor or Applied ByMaintenance Personnel

Project Details

An oil producer in California has had issues with their hot lines leaking into the producing oil and gas fields. After digging up the buried lines, they observed that the asphalt tape system, applied to the lines, had failed resulting in serious corrosion. The engineer in charge of this project did not want to go back with the tape system. They preferred a coating that would take temperatures anywhere from 90˚F to 250˚F. They had looked at other coatings, but most of the coatings they tried would not hold up to the higher temperatures and the content of H2S in the soil. Having some past experience with the 453HT at higher temperatures. Denso recommended the 453HT for this high heat, and resistant to H2S service. The 453HT was applied in one pass at 30 mils DFT.