Denso Petrolatum Tapes Help Prevent Water Infiltration in Water System

Exposed Surface Coatings

Project Data

LocationOntario Canada
Completion2015 (on going)
Project TypeCatch Basin & Chamber Wrap
Products UsedDenso LT Petrolatum Tape
Contractor or Applied ByMunicipal Employees

Project Details

Proven to be effective at blocking water and air from contact with buried appurtenances for nearly 100 years, Denso® Petrolatum Tape is a well proven waterproofing material. That characteristic has been utilized in a different way; being applied to concrete structures. Water infiltration into concrete structures causes a host of problems including loss of road material and subsequent pot holes, erosion and premature failure of concrete structures and ingress and infiltration (I&I) into sanitary systems resulting in the unnecessary treatment of ground water.

Installation is straight forward and fast and unlike concrete which requires mixing, Denso Petrolatum Tape is simply removed from the packaging and wrapped around the structure. Starting from 6″ below the first joint, the tape is wrapped around the structure with a 55% overlap, wrapping up to provide a down-shingle effect. The tape is smoothed and pressed so that it bonds intimately with the surface and there are no air pockets. The structure can then be immediately back filled as the tape does not cure or dry out.

Since the tape stays flexible, in the likely event that the risers crack, the tape will remain there as an effective means to prevent water infiltration and the negative effects. Additionally, since Denso Petrolatum Tape bonds so well to itself any folds or creases can simply be pressed down and will seal.

The City of Barrie has been utilizing Denso LT Tape on structures for about 10 years and in that time has a reported 100% success rate. With material costs being equivalent to other options, Denso Petrolatum Tape is easier and faster to apply and has proven longevity making it the most cost-effective approach to preventing I&I and road material loss. The tape is available in a variety of sizes. For larger structures, Denso Hi-Tack Primer and Hi-Tack Tape can be used.