Suncor Undertakes Valve Rehabilitation with Denso Corrosion Prevention Products

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationAurora, CO
CompletionMay 1999
Project TypeSteel Piping Structure Corrosion Prevention
Products UsedDenso Paste S105 / Denso Profiling Mastic / Densyl Tape
Contractor or Applied ByN/A

Project Details

As is the case with many Municipal Water Districts, the City of Aurora in Colorado had been struggling with controlling corrosion problems to their steel piping structures located in ground vaults throughout the city. The steel fl anges, couplings and valves had received factory applied paint systems, but were prematurely failing within a few years of service. The harsh vault environment, including constant wet/dry cycling, had helped contribute to a rapid corrosion rate. The City of Aurora corrosion engineers and technicians needed a coating that would be surface tolerant, easy to apply, safe to use in confined spaces and fast drying. Any paint system with solvents was out of the question due to the confined space and tight access. Even paint systems that relied on moisture curing presented problems with equipment and cure time. The Denso Petrolatum Tape System that was demonstrated solved their problems. The system, comprised of Denso Paste S105, Denso Profiling Mastic and Densyl Tape was specified and applied in the summer of 1999. Due to the minimal surface preparation requirements, the project was completed under budget and ahead of schedule. The contractor was very pleased with the environmentally safe nature of all the Denso Products including no VOC’s. Furthermore, they were able to complete the project without increased ventilation or expensive PPE including respirators. The construction foreman stated that he takes great pride in the health and safety of his workers and looks forward to working with the Denso System again in the future.