Aging Sanitary Chamber Sealed with Denso Petrolatum Tape

Exposed Surface Coatings

Project Data

LocationCity of Toronto
Project TypeSanitary Chamber Joint Sealing
Products UsedDensyl Mastic / Hi-Tack Primer / Hi-Tack Tape 12"
Contractor or Applied ByToronto Maintenance Personnel

Project Details

The City of Toronto recently uncovered an aging sanitary chamber located in Don Valley Park just behind the Ontario Science Centre. The chamber, which had been installed in the 1960s, was suffering severe erosion corrosion due to age, water and ice damage and foliage growth. With the heavy steel frame about to fall into the five foot diameter sanitary pipe below, the maintenance team took swift action. The earth and failed concrete was removed and once down to structurally sound concrete, they used a special mortar to make a flat surface and procured a replacement box chamber to sit on top. Concerned with water infiltration and destruction due to the freeze thaw cycle, the City of Toronto contacted Denso North America for assistance.

Densyl Mastic was chosen due to its density as the best product to ensure a strong, water-tight seal between the mortar and new section of chamber. After the Densyl Mastic was laid, the box chamber was lowered on top. The exterior was then coated with a thin, uniform layer of Denso Hi-Tack Primer which was allowed to sit, giving time for the thinning agent to evaporate. After a few minutes, Denso Hi-Tack Tape 12″ was wrapped around the joint starting 6″ below and wrapping upwards with a 50% overlap. The tape was firmly pressed down to ensure intimate contact and adhesion to the surface and the area was backfilled.

This chamber resides in an environmentally sensitive area and the City of Toronto is now satisfied that they have a structurally secure and sealed sanitary chamber that will exist for decades to come. For more information on concrete sealing and I&I prevention contact Denso North America.