Tie Rods Sealed and Protected from Corrosion with Denso Petrolatum Tape System

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationHamilton, Ontario Canada
Project TypeSite Remediation & Redevelopment
Products UsedDensyl Mastic / Hi-Tack Paste / Hi-Tack Tape
Contractor or Applied ByN/A

Project Details

The City of Hamilton undertook the process of environmental remediation and redevelopment of a section of Hamilton Harbour. In doing so, two piers were designed for construction. The piers are comprised of thick sheet piling with 2” tie rods and wale bolts to secure the structure in place. Such installations face numerous threats including corrosion, weather related expansion and contraction and consequential leaks through tie rod holes which can threaten the integrity of the structure.

To remedy the immediate problem of uncontrolled water leakage during the construction phase, the failing caulking and foam was removed and the cavities were filled with Densyl Mastic. It is the perfect choice because of its density and ability to seal over a wide range of temperature fluctuations. In addition to Densyl Mastic, Hi-Tack Primer was applied to the rods and the vertical surface of the sheet pile. After a short wait, the Denso Hi-Tack Tape was applied with a 50% overlap going from horizontal coverage of the tie rod, over the Densyl Mastic and onto the vertical surface all around the interface. This will prevent water egress and corrosion beyond the 50 year life expectancy of the project.