Interface Coating System

Exposed Surface Coatings

Project Data

Project TypeInterface Coating System
Products UsedDenso Paste / Densyl Tape / Denso Glass Outerwrap
Contractor or Applied ByN/A

Project Details

When pipeline companies begin coating rehabilitation projects, the selection of the mainline coating material is only half the battle. Just as critical as the new field joint coating is the tie-in coating to the old existing one.

The Denso Petrolatum Interface Coating System is a transitional coating system used between dissimilar coatings such as asphalt, enamel, bees wax, polyethylene, adhesive tapes, FBE, liquid coatings, etc. As with all Denso petrolatum tape systems, a big advantage is the minimal surface preparation of SSPC-SP.2 (hand tool cleaning) or SSPC-SP.3 (power tool cleaning). Another key benefit with this system is that the materials can be applied to wet pipe, in cold or hot weather and to cold or hot operating pipe.

The system consists of Denso Paste, Densyl Tape and Denso Glass Outerwrap. First a thin layer of Denso Paste is spread one to two feet (300-600 mm) onto both the new and old coating. Secondly the Densyl Tape is spirally wrapped with a 55% overlap to create a double layer system. Finally the Denso Glass Outerwrap is applied with a 55% overlap a minimum of 4 inches (100mm) over the Densyl Tape. Additional layers will provide increased mechanical strength and soil stress protection.

The Denso Petrolatum Interface Coating System is rapidly becoming the preferred system for many major pipeline companies in both the United States and Canada.

Conditions Suited For:

  • As a tie-in or interface coating between dissimilar metals.
  • As an encapsulation coating over pipeline repair systems such as a Clockspring, Petrosleeves, etc.
  • As a transitional coating from below ground coating to the above ground coating. The Denso Glass Outerwrap can be painted to match above ground piping.