Denso FRP Spacers

A fiberglass spacer or shield that protect pipes from abrasions, at the touch points.


  • Oil Refineries, chemical plants and any other applications where pipes rest on supports
  • Above-ground pipes resting on supports
  • Suspension pipes
  • Other applications to protect pipes from abrasions

Denso FRP Spacers are used to protect the pipe coating from abrasion in areas of the pipe supports. The FRP Spacers provide protection against the thermal expansion and contraction of the pipe.

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  • Easy to install – snap on and slide into place
  • Hanger disassembly not required on existing pipelines
  • Flexible and light weight for easy handling
  • Non-corrosive
  • No tools, banding, welding or adhesives required
  • Offer superior physical properties over plastics and rubber
  • Many times the compressive strength of other non-conductive materials
  • Will not “cold flow” like PVC, polyethylene, neoprene, etc.
  • Will not become brittle in cold temperatures or soften from heat
  • Excellent abrasion resistance

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