Steel Sheet Corrosion Protection with Denso’s Coal Tar Epoxy

Industrial Coatings & Linings

Project Data

LocationSouth Texas
Project TypeOpen Top / Internal Floaters
Products UsedArchco™ Linings System
Contractor or Applied ByN/A

Project Details

A large oil & gas company in South Texas recently had a problem with internal tank corrosion after the pre-existing lining had failed due to old age. Archco™ 450 was chosen as the tank lining coating due to the excellent reputation for quality products and field service that Denso provides.

The project consisted of two open top/internal floater tanks with the sidewalls coated with Archco 400 high solids epoxy primer and then over coated with Archco 450, 100 % solids epoxy, glass flaked filled lining. All coatings were sprayed with a 68:1 single leg airless unit. The Archo 450 was sprayed at 25 to 30 mils in one coat. The coating was applied prior to the insulation of a new internal floating roof. The Archco 450 will give the tank the chemical resistance, plus the added benefit of the glass flaked filled lining to withstand the abrasion of the floating roof seal, rubbing up and down, as the tank is filled and emptied. The tank floor linings will be installed after the insulation of the floating roof using the Archco 450. The owners can expect 25+ years of internal corrosion protection from the Denso Archco Lining System.