City of Toronto Uses Densoband™ for Roadway Repairs

Sealing & Waterproofing

Project Data

LocationToronto Canada
Project TypeRoadway Repair
Products UsedDensoband™
Contractor or Applied ByLocal Contractor

Project Details

Over many years the City of Toronto has dealt with a tremendous increase in traffic loads on their residential streets. The use of city buses, construction equipment, delivery trucks and general day to day commuter volume coupled with our Canadian climate have helped contribute to a more rapid deterioration of Toronto’s roads.

As with every year, the City, which is divided into four main quadrants, is saddled with the task of repairing the areas that are in need of rehabilitation and this summer several contractors were awarded asphalt repair contracts to do just that.

A local contractor was doing work along Eglington Avenue and these repairs involved the use of 8mm x 45mm Densoband. Both joint edges of hundreds of meters of roadway were sealed with the bitumen strip ensuring a long-term, watertight joint that will stay sealed even with road movement through temperature change and constant traffic.

This approach by the City of Toronto to provide a better sealed asphalt joint at the time of repair will go a long way in keeping their streets from needing additional restoration or replacement “down the road”.