Denso DigestVolume 20, Number 3

In this edition:
  • Denso protection for historic transporter bridge
  • Corrosion protection of new tees barrage with Denso products
  • Denso Profiling Mastic evolved for tybor joints and valves
  • Denso Covercoat System used for above ground pipeline
  • Salt Barn steelwork protected from corrosion with Denso Covercoat system
  • Denso provides green corrosion protection for gas pipe crossingLate 19th century bridge uses Denso corrosion prevention product for protection
  • Profiling Mastic aids protection of pipeline mechanical coupling joints
  • Denso SeaShield System used for concrete coated jetty piles
  • Tok Paving Tape - an effective seam sealant for adjoining concrete
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