Denso DigestVolume 21, Number 2

In this edition:
  • Gas transmission pipeline use Protal 5900 for corrosion prevention
  • Denso road products used for manhole sealing and sealing between concrete and asphalt
  • Denso solution for Cheyenne stage 1 pipeline rehab
  • SeaShield Series 40 protect New York City piers
  • Rigspray used for coating for offshore oil rigs
  • SeaShield 12 years of test and trails
  • long-life protection of high pressure water mains
  • Nu-Tank 400E used for potable water tanks lining
  • South Africa used Denso products to protect major reconstruction and development projects
  • Mobile LPG Bullets use Denso Petrolatum Tape System for corrosion prevention
  • Machine aided tape wrapping of sewer line
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