Denso DigestVolume 23, Number 3

In this edition:
  • Tokstrip precast concrete joint sealant gets major revamp
  • Denso Void Filler used on naval dockyard anchors
  • Denso Void Filler protection for ground anchors
  • Denso Steelcoat Systems protect Cargill Salt's head frame
  • New Protal epoxy coating captures Canadian pipeline work
  • Ferry terminal gets Denso Steelcoat 300 treatment
  • Jetty piles protected from splash zone corrosion with Denso SeaShield System
  • Archco-Rigidon linings extend effluent tank life
  • Denso Steelcoat 400 System used on pipe bridges
  • Denso ST Epoxy specified for tunnel concrete panels
  • Riser shaft coated with Denso ST Epoxy for corrosion prevention
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