Denso DigestVolume 24, Number 1

In this edition:
  • New South African pipeline gets protected with Denso tape wrapping system
  • Product Highlight - Protal 7125 coating for colder climates
  • Corrosion protection of offshore cranes with Denso petrolatum tape
  • Timber pile rehabilitation of Pier 16 in New York with SeaShield System
  • Denso Steelcoat Systems used to protect pipebridge in the UK
  • Ductile iron and steel pipework for  the London Royal Victoria Docks protected with Denso Tape System
  • Archco-RIgidon Linings protect "earthquake" water tank
  • Successful pressure tests of Tokstrip at Johnson Pipes
  • Denso Ultraflex 1500 - Not just a girth weld coating
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