Denso DigestVolume 27, Number 2

In this edition:
  • Densoband joint sealant for 18,000m2 Swan Shopping Center car park
  • Denso polyethylene outerwrap helps support concrete and cure on weight coated pipes
  • Archco-Rigidon 703D System protect dangerous goods bund area in Kalgoorlie
  • Archco-Rigidon coatins solve pipe lining problem at Ha Dong thermal power plant
  • Archco-Rigidon Rigspray used in line Kore Gas Corporation's sea intake pipeline
  • Archco-Rigidon Rigspray lining used to protect nuclear plant debris filter
  • Denso protection for Canada's banks and stock markets
  • DOW intake structure protected with Denso Petrolatum Tape System
  • Densoclad protection for Llanelli sewage main
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