Denso DigestVolume 37, Number 2

In this edition:
  • In-Situ training over Densopol 80HT System
  • Denso Bore-Wrap protects a power station's gas pipeline during HHD installation in Northern Ireland
  • Wasterwater pipeline protected during HDD pull back under river with Denso Bore-Wrap
  • Buried oil pipeline using the Densopol 80HT System for corrosion protection
  • Viscotaq protects below ground pipeline and fittings
  • Buried gas pipeline in South Africa using Denso Butyl Tapes for corrosion prevention
  • Denso SeaShield System used to provide steel mooring & fender pile protection
  • Viscotaq approved to repair potable water tanks in Australia
  • Denso SeaShield chosen to protect Alcatraz wharf piles
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