SeaShield 526 Epoxy

SeaShield 526 Epoxy is an underwater & trowel grade epoxy.


  • Dry, damp, wet and underwater surfaces for steel, concrete or wood
  • Top bevel for pile jacketing systems when combined with aggregate
  • Corrosion protection pilings, bridges, sheet piles, pipelines and other surfaces subject to corrosion in fresh or salt water environments
  • Concrete patch repair

SeaShield 526 Epoxy is a 100% solids two part, moisture tolerant, non-sag, high build epoxy designed for underwater applications. It can also be used for aboveground applications including top seal and beveling of pile caps.

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  • Can be applied to wet, damp or dry surfaces
  • Can be used for vertical, horizontal and overhead applications
  • Excellent adhesion to wet surfaces
  • Easy to apply “puffy-like” consistency
  • Long pot life
  • Can be applied underwater
  • High build, no sag
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Easily applied with applicator pad, gloved hand, trowel or putty knife
  • Can be feathered to an edge
  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance

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