SeaShield 550 Epoxy Grout

SeaShield 550 Epoxy Grout is a multipurpose marine epoxy & epoxy grout for pile encapsulation and repair.


  • Used as part of the SeaShield Series 400 & 500 Structural Repair Systems
  • Used as a high-strength epoxy grout in wet or dry environments or as an underwater repair mortar
  • Used for rebuilding piles, piers, jetties and sheet pile walls
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, timber and steel substrates

SeaShield 550 Epoxy Grout is a three-part, 100% solids, moisture-tolerant epoxy grout specifically designed for underwater applications as part of the Series 400 and Series 500 Structural Repair Systems. This encapsulation & repair epoxy grout can be applied in above and/or below water applications and can either be placed by pouring into forms or pumped into place.

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  • Solvent-free
  • Easily pumped or poured due to its low viscosity over a range of aggregate levels
  • Low viscosity allows for superb penetration of substrate resulting in excellent adhesion
  • No need for pump aids
  • Non-segregating
  • Easy and convenient mix ratio
  • High mechanical strength
  • Impact resistant
  • Low water absorption
  • Can be placed underwater without de-watering
  • Resistant to chemical and aggressive water environments

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